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Death! to Processed "Foods"

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     I had written a similar post in my other blog but I figured it bares repeating...I'm ranting in both but I just can't help myself...

    I hate processed food. Don't even get me started on fast food joints. I absolutely despise every and any establishment that claims it sells just that. They shouldn't even be allowed to say they sell foodWhat they are selling is not food but a grotesque imitation of what looks like it could be edible. The quality of the food you're eating at these places is that of what is used to make dog food.  I don't care what these companies claim and tell people, there is no way in hell you're eating a burger of good quality meat for under a freakin dollar (or,-enter relevant currency here-). They promote convenient and inexpensive meals but it's really anything but cheap. The health problems and risk you run every time you ingest that stuff make health related bills much higher in the future.

      I hate anything that comes in a box, I hate microwave "dinners". I hate any thing that says "just add water" to the damn thing to make it a meal.  . I hate anything that claims it's a "helper".  Do I sound angry? It's because I am. It seems that in this day and age. we chose to go through the drive through or punch a few buttons on the microwave and minutes later Voilà! "food" is served...

     If it takes less time for a meal to be prepared and served to you than it takes for Paris Hilton to find a new boyfriend....then we have a problem.  If you can't pronounce half the ingredients in what you're about to eat or simply don't know what they are...that you might want to reconsider eating it. Speaking of which, here is one of the many interesting articles that are out there regarding additives, preservatives and all the other crap they put into processed foods.

   It's almost as if the (junk) food and drug corporations are in cahoots. In fact, I know they are! Let's make healthy foods expensive, so people resort to consuming junk on a daily basis thinking it's cheaper. They'll eventually make a habit out of it and get sick and then they will need drugs in order to stabilize their conditions! These suckers will end up paying way more in medical bills and insurance than they would have had they just consumed healthier foods to begin with! By then, they're addicted to this junk and the vicious cycle just keep doing its rounds. Let's keep them sick enough to where they're not dying (some of them anyway) but need our medications in order to function "properly"! It's genius! We're rich! Sick bastards (them, not us..we're just becoming sick).

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     Am I a food snob? Why yes, yes I am, thank you for noticing but this topic right here has nothing to do with being a snob or not. It's about looking at the reality of the situation and realizing that what these companies are doing is dangerous and harmful to our health and the health of our children. 

    Sadly, this junk has become so heavily embedded in todays modern society that many people have become dependent on it. For a good chuck of the population, it's not just eaten in moderation anymore. If it was, there wouldn't be such a diabetes epidemic, among other diseases that have suddenly decided pop into our lives within the last 30 years. It has sadly replaced the home cooked meal. Going out for some burger and fries isn't just a monthly treat for yourself and your family, is has become the norm.  And when we do cook at home...everything seems to magically appear out of a box, can or some sort of container. It's overwhelming!There's just too many food products out there that make it so convenient for us to NOT take the time to actually cook  I swear this convenience factor will be the death of us. It scares me to think that a majority of people simply don't know how to cook from scratch anymore or worse, don't even bother to learn.

   It's called junk food for a reason, people!! 

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   I don't want to hear the excuses. "I don't have time", "It costs too much" "I don't know how to cook". There should be nothing more important that making sure you are feeding yourself and your family the best stuff possible. Simply put, it should be a priority. What you put in your body should never be compromised because it really does determine everything else in your life. Home cooked food doesn't have to take hours to make. If you don't know how to do that, pick up a cook book. God knows everyone and their mother has written one.  There are other ways, don't tell me they're not. It's just a matter of making a plan and sticking to it. Make something at home that can last for you and your family for 2 days. Find recipes that are quick, easy and above all, healthy. As corny as it sounds, where there's a will, there's a way.

     I wish I was making all this stuff up. I really do. But I am not. It's a sad and scary reality. These companies that provide us with all the processed foods are getting away with murder, literally. There's a lot of political agenda behind all this and I encourage people to search and really find out what all this stuff really means and contains.

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Some other excellent websites to check out are this one and this one. The last link I provided is highly interesting and if you have the moment, check out the part where the article discusses the Pottenger's Cats experiment. Also, a fantastic documentary I highly recommend watching is Food Matters. The title says it all.   I come across too people that are in the dark and still trust and believe what the companies are telling them. I'd love to see more people become more educated about this issue.


<End of Rant>

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