Sunday, March 13, 2011

The thing about recipes...

    OK so here is my issue with recipes...I hate them. OK, maybe hate is a strong word, let's just say recipes and I are not homies. Now, before you guys think I'm just a nut job (and I am) that just throws stuff in a pot (and I do) and prays it all just works out in the end (are you spying on me??), let me explain myself.

     In my humble and oh so insignificant opinion, recipes should be a guideline, and not the absolute and final law (unless we're professionally speaking and you're working with a Chef who demands in following the recipe. In that case, just follow the damn recipe). But if we're talking about cooking at home for yourself and the fam, give yourself a little room to explore. If we were baking, however,  that would be a whole different ballpark. In baking, it's essential to follow a recipe exactly, otherwise you will end up with something that's just...well, for the lack of better words, Bleh (yes, with a capital B).

  Now back to savory cooking, recipes are useful to tell you what ingredients are needed and the cooking technique used to achieve the final result. They should explain the what and how. It's the how much part that just kills me. That, again in my minuscule opinion, should be a guideline as well. I don't have to use only 6 and a half cloves of garlic for my pasta sauce, I want to use as much as I like in my sauce! To me, it's all about the little tweaks and adjustments in cooking that kinda make what you are making your own.

   Now some might be thinking "Well, that's just fine and dandy for YOU, little ferret. You're worked in professional kitchens," (I do)," you're a natural at this," (Aw gee, thanks), "everything you make is just so scrumptious" (Oh stop, now you're making me blush!), " but for me, I NEED a recipe. I feel lost without one!". To which I say, whatever floats 'yer boat, me c'ptain! All I am bringing to your attention is that if you do indeed add one more (or less) carrot to that soup you're making- it won't be the end of the world. It might come out too sweet, or it might lack in carrot flavor, OR it might come out just the you like it. Trial and error my friends!

   Now, the reason why I'm rambling on about this issue is this: most of the recipes I will post on here won't have exact measurements for the ingredients needed (don't let the first tuna pasta recipe fool you, that was just to reel you guys in), unless they are recipes on sweets and desserts (I'm still exploring the complicated but sinfully delicious world of baking... ).  Of course, I'll write "the juice of 3 to 4 tomatoes" or something but don't expect any of that precise "1 and 3/8 cups of tomato juice. Don't you dare use any more!" crap. 

  It's just not my style, yo.

   Oh and one more thing, I'm not pretending or claiming I'm reinventing the wheel here or anything. Lots of these recipes I will post have been done before...I just like to cook and take pictures of the food, m'kay? =)

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