Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chickeny-Eggy-Lemony Soup

      I swear, there is nothing better than having this soup on a rainy day. If you like tangy soups, you'll love this. Every time I eat it, it takes me back to my childhood years and I think of the countless times I would come home from school on a rainy day and my grandma would have this soup ready for me. Till this day it is my most favorite soup. :) Here in Greece, we call it Avgolemono which literally translates to Egglemon and it's so easy to make, it's not even funny. I'm not even gonna bother with an actual recipe. It's literally chicken, chicken stock, carrots, rice, eggs and lemon.
   Make a nice, rich homemade chicken stock. Cook your chicken breast in it with some carrots and a bay lead or two. When done, take out and shred. Meanwhile, add the rice in the stock and simmer. Remember, the amount of rice you put in will soak up about double the amount in liquid so careful not to add too much rice where you'll end up with just rice and no soup! Having said that, you can make this soup as thick as you want, it will all depend on how much rice you put in (and don't forget the eggs you will add will thicken the soup up some as well). Once your rice is cooked, add your chicken back in. In a bowl beat an egg or two (or 3 or 10...depending on how much soup you're making :-p) and add a generous amount of lemon juice in it. Now, the only challenging thing to this soup is the next one. TEMPER your eggs with some warm soup. If you just dump the egg/lemon juice mix straight into the soup, you'll literally have scrambled eggs in it...and that's not sexy.
      So, while beating your eggs, add a little amount of soup at a time until you temperature of your
 eggs is the same as the soup's. Now, you can pour the egg mix into the rest of the soup. You're done!! Another great thing to add at this point is some chopped up dill. I'm a sucker for it but this time around, we didn't have any so we just had to do without. It's a great addition to this soup however, gives it a fantastic aroma and enhanced the flavor that much more so I highly recommend it. Just a word of caution: if you plan on eating this another day, be careful when heating it up. Heat the soup up on low heat and never let it get to a boil because your soup will break and like i said before...not sexy.                                                               




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